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Meet Dave.


Yes, another Dave.


But as the creative director for Flywheel, he gets to prove he isn't just another Dave.

As a former elementary teacher, he brings patience and understanding.

As a licensed carpenter, he brings perspective and precision.

As a musician, he brings spontaneity and structure.

Behind the camera, and in the editing suite, he's consumed with details and ensures nothing is overlooked.



Meet Tim.


For me, every movie is about more than the technology used to produce it, more than scenery or scripts; it's that first phone call when I get to learn someone's budding vision to tell an old story in a new way.

I am the co-founder and resident story-strategist at Flywheel Media.

That means I love to figure out which part of your message will move viewers where you want them to be.

I love being on the road with my family, books, sports, and writing with fountain pens.